Using the Scrapbook Palette
  • 11 Nov 2021
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Using the Scrapbook Palette

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This feature will change the way you build routes forever - and that's not marketing speak!

Scrapbooks are a major upgrade to the old Copy/Paste tools.

Scrapbooks are a new Asset Type that provide the ability to copy and save a part of your route, then reuse that scene in other routes.

The Scrapbook Brush Tool turns your old "Ground Texture Paint Brush" into a "Swiss Army Knife Brush" that paints everything contained within the currently selected Scrapbook, including Ground, Textures, Scenery, Splines, everything.

You can also decide which elements are painted and which are not by expanding and using the Scrapbook Filters.


Trains are not used in any copy or paste operation, and therefore are not contained within Scrapbook Brush data.

What's Changed?

The old Copy/Paste Tool was limited to 90 degree rotation increments within the route where the copy or paste action was made.

The Scrapbook Tools allow sharing across routes, sharing between users, rescaling the data to any size, rotating the data to any direction, and give you full control to paste only the elements you want at any time.

Making your Scrapbook

Make a selection in the world, then Ctrl+C to copy the selection. Every copy operation creates a new Scrapbook Asset, and lists them in the Scrapbook Palette along with a default name and thumbnail.


For Scrapbooks you want to keep forever, ensure your camera is carefully focussed on the part of the scene you're saving. This will provide a better quality Thumbnail image to indicate what the Scrapbook scene actually looks like.

Expiry, Saving and Renaming

Every time you Copy (using Ctrl + C, Context Menu or Edit Menu) you create a new Scrapbook Asset. These Assets are very low overhead, so having hundreds or even thousands of them is not a problem - but to keep them useful, it makes sense to only keep the Scrapbooks that you are going to use.

To ensure your aren't overwhelmed with entries, any Scrapbooks that are not saved or pinned are deleted after 5 days or after 5 gameplay sessions (whichever is the longer).

To save a Scrapbook as a permanent asset, highlight the existing (default) name in the Scrapbook Palette, type in your new name, then hit Enter.

By renaming a Scrapbook, it will automatically be pinned. Pinned Scrapbook Assets will be saved and are no longer affected by the standard expiry limit.

Pasting your Scrapbook

You can paste the currently selected Scrapbook using Ctrl+V. This will paste the selection using the current Filter settings shown in the Scrapbook Palette.

The paste operation will paste at the original size.


To change the size of your paste operation, select an area using the Marquee Tool and then use Paste Within Marquee. By varying the size of your original Scrapbook selection or your Marquee selection, you can rescale up or down easily.

Scrapbook Filters

You can pick and choose which elements of your Scrapbook to paste in any given operation by using the various Filters.

For example, you can choose to paste only Scenery by setting all of the other Filter options to None. To paste additively without removing the previous objects in the paste region, choose Objects: Add rather than Overwrite.

Relative vs Absolute

If you copy an area that includes a 50m high hill to an area that is already at 1000m height, then Relative will paste a hill that is 1050m high, while Absolute will paste a hill 50m high (leaving a very deep hole in the 1000m high terrain).

Painting your Scrapbook

This is where the fun really starts. To begin painting your Scrapbook, select the Brush Tool, then Scrapbook Data from the Target dropdown.

Scrapbook Brush

Scrapbook Brush mode will paste and resize your original Scrapbook selection to fit the new selection area. If you used the same size area to copy as your radius when painting, you will get an exact duplicate. If you make the brush radius smaller, you will increase the density of the objects. If you make the radius bigger, the density will decrease.

Scrapbook Clone

Scrapbook Clone will, by default, paste your original Scrapbook selection at 1:1 size, placing the center of the original selection where you click.
If you used the same size area to copy as your radius when painting, you will get an exact duplicate. If you make the brush radius smaller, you will trim the outer areas of your original selection. If you make the radius bigger, the Scrapbook Clone option will repeat the original selection over and over again to fit into the space.

Brush Shape

An additional Brush Shape dropdown is available when painting a Scrapbook.
There are three possible brush shapes: Circle, Square, and Natural.
The Circle and Square shapes will set your brush's area of effect to a circle and a square respectively, whereas Natural will use a rectangle that correctly respects the individual dimensions of your Scrapbook (rather than stretching it to fit within a circle or square).

Sharing and Importing Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks can be shared like any other Trainz Content via .cdp. We highly recommend that you ensure the asset has a good thumbnail image, and a name that describes the scene (e.g. barrels pipes and junk), They cannot currently be uploaded to the Download Station.

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