Multiplayer Surveyor
Join forces and build your dream railroad online in real time with others, then at any time switch to Driver Mode and drive on the tracks you just built. In short, MPS is "Trainz in the cloud" where you can build, edit, drive and collaborate with people from around the world in a persistent collaborative environment.
Find out up-to-date information on Trainz Team and 3rd party events via the MPS website:
All Trainz Plus users have full access to MPS servers and functionality.
In this current stage of development, we're expanding access to MPS to include all TRS22 owners as well.

To ensure the best possible experience, and to encourage more people to share their experience, we're limiting TRS22 owners to a limited number of routes. We will carefully monitor the number of players in each route and create more routes as demand requires.

The main goal here is to avoid players spreading across too many routes and diluting the number of players you will interact with.

Given the practically unlimited size of the online routes, it is possible for players to create their own "Branchlines" in the available routes. In fact, we encourage this sort of collaboration.

Also note that at this time, TRS22 users cannot share their own route to the MPS server. Again, this would dilute the number of players in each available route.

The process of getting your routes that use DLS or modified content up on MPS involves working with our content team for now. This means either contacting us via the Discord channel or emailing us at contentcreators*at*n3vgames*dot*com to tell us a bit about your route and that you want it uploaded to MPS.

At this point, you can also upload your route to TCCP as this is a must for any custom content MPS route to make its way up to the MPS servers. Detailed instructions on how to upload your content to TCCP can be found on the TCCP website under the documentation section (login with your MyTrainz account) and/or you can watch the entire How To process via this video link. Once you understand the terminology of TCCP packages you can continue on reading this... You can set your route as the "Feature Asset" of your package to pull in all the dependencies that package will need and TCCP will validate that the extra content in your route package isn't payware and is DLS and/or modified content.

Now if you are using payware content in your MPS route you will need to create a "container asset" that has all your DLS and modified content as dependencies (think of this asset you are creating as a container to just pull in all these specific dependency assets). Download the premade container asset template to help you create this. (Fill in the XXXX:XXXX with your kuid for the asset and add all your deps in the kuid-table container that you want that asset to pull into the package ). If you were to use your route asset (that contains payware) as the feature asset to pull everything in, TCCP will see you have used payware content, validation will fail and the package won't get built, so you use this new container asset as the Feature Asset to just pull in the deps that are from the DLS and/ or have their status modified (your own asset creations or assets you have permission to use basically). Now you can click upload package to submit your content to TCCP.

Once TCCP builds the package and that package makes it to the MPS servers, create a new userdata folder, download your newly built TCCP dependency package, edit your route in surveyor, click on the Windows Menu -> Content Packages and enable all the DLC packages that your route needs to function (this should be at least a multiplayersurveyor or mps package as well as the new package you have just built via TCCP). Hit apply and pending no errors, those packages should now be assigned to your route and you can click the Sharing Menu -> Share Route option and follow the prompts to start uploading your MPS route to the server. As long as the MPS server knows about all the Content Packages you say your route needs, you can upload the local route to the MPS server.

**Note**: the MPS server gets new TCCP packages every Wednesday around 2pm (AEST) during maintenance. We do it once a week to avoid too many interruptions to users on the MPS servers. Also the route upload process can be slow depending on the size of your route and if you are using HD Terrain, so be patient.

For now this is a manual process between you and our content team to fully deploy your packages but we are working towards making this a fully automated process. Before we do that, we want to be 100% sure the process works for everyone before developing such a system.
The same process above works if you want to add content into a package and use it in an existing MPS route. Once the package has been built and deployed on the MPS server, you can login to your existing MPS route online, enable any DLC dependency packages and apply. This means all others will need the same DLC packages in order to enter the route.
That Trainz team will be administering all packages going on the MPS server. This means for now, packages should be kept as small as possible as we won't be allowing 10 GB packages to make their way onto MPS unless it is absolutely necessary and can't be avoided. All users must download these packages to enter your route, not just the owner of the route and we want to avoid long download times. Best practice is to split your assets into smaller packages. Even make separate category packages if it makes sense to. If you plan on using the same content across multiple routes then plan how you want to package up those assets into specific packages that will avoid repackaging and deployment.