Brush Tools
The Brush Tool is a multi-purpose tool that can adjust height, paint textures and paint effect layers (turffx, clutter, water, color).
1. Click Brush Tool
2. Click and hold on the terrain
3. The hill begins to grow.
4. Click on the Brush Mode selection box
5. Change to Height Down mode
6. Click on the terrain
7. Continue clicking or click and hold to lower the terrain.
8. Click on the Brush Mode selection box
9. Select the 'Set Height' Mode
10. Click in the Height field on the Tool Options Palette
11. Type the height value required (in meters) e.g. "10" then hit [[enter]]
12. Click on the terrain
13. Click and hold to continue applying the height
14. Click in the Radius field
15. Change the radius size
16. Click to apply the currently selected brush tool across the new radius size
17. Click in the sensitivity field
18. Change the field to 100% and type [[enter]] to make rapid changes, or type 1% and [[enter]] to make very gradual changes
19. Click and hold to see the effect of the sensitivity tool.
20. Click on the Brush Type popup
21. Select 'Ground Texture'
22. Select a texture from the Asset Palette
23. Click on the terrain to begin painting (note sensitivity level)
24. Click to change the sensitivity level
25. Type "100" [[enter]]
26. Click on the terrain
27. Click to begin painting. Note the texture is filled much quicker at 100%.