Surveyor 2.0
Trainz Surveyor has been the world's favorite route building environment for 20 years, and now with Surveyor 2.0 we've made the tools even better and more powerful than ever before.
We've taken all the best parts of Surveyor "Classic" tools and redesigned them from the ground up to make route building both easier and quicker.

The new S20 tools and workflow are designed for building large scale worlds with thousands of objects and we will be continuing development to add even more functionality throughout 2022.

Please take the time to review this online manual to make the most of your S20 experience, and refer back to it to find help on any aspect of using the new Tools and Palettes.
Trainz Plus Members
Surveyor 2.0 was introduced through our Trainz Plus and Gold Class membership options in December 2021. This initial release was just the beginning. We've also got more plans for totally customisable Palettes, specialised Track/Trackside tools and more.
TRS22 Platinum Edition
S20 is now also available to retail users via TRS22 Platinum Edition.