Effect Layer Tools
Effect layers are specialised layers that can be "painted" over the existing ground and texture layers.
In Surveyor Classic, Effect Layers are edited using the Topology tools.

In Surveyor 2.0, Effect Layers are edited using the Brush tool after selecting the appropriate effect layer to work with.
New Effect Layer Tools
Here's a summary of the new tools and functionality (Classic):

* Bulk Add effect layers to existing ground textures (e.g. add turffx or clutter to a specific ground texture)
* Choose from a range of presets to quickly create new effect layers for your current route
* Turffx presets are named "tfxp - xxx" and clutter presets named "cltp - xxx"
* Create and Edit custom preset effect layer assets (and share your assets via the DLS or .cdp)
* View effect layer configuration changes in a new preview window
* Set up "masks" to prevent effect layers from appearing under water, on a slope or above/below a certain height
* Mask effects to only appear on specific textures
* Use the Get Effects tool to find out which layers are present in an area

Discover more about Effect Layers on the Trainz Wiki.
Effect Layer Presets
To make the task of adding new effect layers even easier, we've create a range of presets. Use the preview window or try each one out and as you gain confidence, begin editing and customising the presets to suit your own style.
Painting a Preset Effect Layer
* Click Tools > Edit Effect Layer
* Enter a name for your new layer
* Select an Effect Preset using either the arrow keys or dropdown list.
* View the effect layer in the preview window
* Press the check (tick) button to close the Effect Layers window
* In Surveyor Classic, select Topology > Advanced > then select your new layer from the dropdown list.
* Select the Height Up tool to begin painting
* In S20, select Brush Tool then change the Brush Target to Effect Layer

Note: Turf Effects can only render in one viewport. This means if you have the Effect Layers preview window showing the turf will be rendered in that window and not in your route. When closing the Effect Layers window any turffx already painted in your route will begin rendering again after a short delay (~5 seconds).

Editing a Preset
* Select an Effect Preset.
* Toggle Advanced Options.
* Edit the Advanced Options.
* Either click the Save icon to save a new effect layer preset, or press the check (tick) button to close the Effect Layers window (and overwrite the current preset).
* You're now ready to use your new effect layer as above.