Color Effect Layer
The brand-new "Color Tint" effect layer on HD Terrain allows you to paint over the ground textures for an even more dynamic scene. Highlight areas, add darkness where required, and use your artistic flair to greatly enhance the scene detail.
This means a single texture can now be tinted to any colour you choose. In this image we have used a single grass texture, then applied various different color tints to highlight the change in appearance. The bottom band is the default (neutral) tint.

Creating the Color Effect Layer
* Open the route in S20
* Create a new Effects Layer using the Layer Palette
* Under New Effect Layer Prompt, Give the effect a name and select Effect Type: Color
* Under the Advanced Options: Default Mid Grey is set which is effectively a 0 tint color. No changes will be observed to the route.

* Update the default colour by changing the RGB values. The updated colour is shown in the Preview to the right of the values.
* Click Apply to change the default values, which will then be applied to all existing and newly added baseboards.
Changing the default will apply a tint to the entire route when saved so it is recommended to apply only a Mid Grey (i.e. null tint) first, then paint any changes using the Color tool on the Tool Options Palette.
* Click on the tick to apply & save the new Color Effect layer.
Using the Color Effect Layer
* With the Color Effect layer created, select the S20 Brush Tool
* From the top drop down brush menu, select “Color Effect - color” layer (or whatever you named your layer)
* Under Tool Options, Click on the "Color" preview window.
* Default is set to white (Red:1, Green:1, Blue:1). Adjusting the three primary colors values between 0-1 will create a new color tint
* While the range is 0 to 1, we suggest you use values between 0.3 to 0.7 for subtle effects.
* Set Radius & Sensitivity as desired.
* Note: Color Tint is not designed for micro detail, and is best used for large areas (10-20m and above).
* Paint the Color Effect on any existing texture to apply a color tint. Overpaint for a stronger effect.
* Multiple color tints can be applied by changing the color and overpainting.
* Color Effect is limited to a minimum 5m radius
* Color Effect layers can only be applied to HD terrain
To neutralise the color tint, set the color to Mid Grey, (Red:0.5, Green:0.5, Blue:0.5) and paint over the tinted area. This reapplies the default color, effectively removing any previous color tint.
In the Advanced Options of the Effects layer, the binding value (default 20m) or higher is recommended.
For best results, use a radius size matching the color binding size.