Dynamically Created & Automated Operations
Living Railroad is a totally new approach to gameplay, offering a completely automated way to run your railroad.
Load up any route, and the Trainz Living Railroad Dispatch systems will dynamically query all available Industries, Passenger Stations, Train Vehicles and Drivers to create a list of potential Tasks.

Tasks are then prioritized based upon which Industries require goods, which Locomotives and Rolling Stock are suitable and then AI Commands are automatically created and issued to each available Driver.

The player can manage the Tasks and Drivers or choose to drive any train at any time.

TLR also fully supports multiplayer or MPS sessions.
TLR - Phase #1
The first TLR release (which will follow soon after the release of the HD terrain update) will be a basic implementation of the freight operations. It will provide players with the opportunity to see "Automated Scheduling" in action and discover the potential this system provides for extended session gameplay.

The prototype system identifies and schedules individual deliveries, loading goods at Industry A and unloading them at Industry B. The system will then return cars to their original location (if no other tasks are available).

Future releases will greatly expand this functionality and optimize operations as well as adding support for automated Passenger Schedules.
TLR - Future Plans
We already have extensive plans for the next phases of development. By getting the prototype into the hands of Trainz Plus members and gathering your feedback, we will be able to better prioritize the next steps.

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