Configuring an Industry
Interactive industries are controlled by scripts that determine how the industry operates. This includes things like which items are required and produced, which items are consumed to create new items, and which tracks and cars are to be used for loading and/or unloading.
Legacy Industry Scripts
Prior to the "HD Terrain" update for Trainz Plus (2023), industries were configured using scripts. The basic process is:
* Place an industry, or use the Free Move Tool to select an existing industry.
* Click on the Contextual menu > Edit Properties
* Adjust the inputs and outputs
* Click the Tick to accept the changes and close the edit window.

New Industry Configuration
The next generation of industry configuration is due to be released in the upcoming "HD Terrain" update for Trainz Plus.

This section will be updated once the features are finalised. Meanwhile you can find out more about the new UI components here.