Using the Tool Options Palette
When the Brush Tool is selected, the 'Tool Options Palette' is also active.

Various parameters can be adjusted and then applied using the Brush Tool or other Contextual Menu operations. The relevant options for the currently selected tool are indicated by a yellow highlight on the icon.
Note that Tool Option values are also used by various Contextual Menu options. In this case the field will not be highlighted unless your currently selected tool requires that field.
Various options are included to alter the current brush behavior. Many of these options are only available in certain configurations.

The following is the complete list of options:

* Radius (m) - used for setting the radius of the Brush Tool
* Height (altitude) - used for setting a fixed height value (e.g. using the 'Set Height' brush or 'Apply Brush Height')
* Sensitivity (%) - how quickly the tool will affect its target. Note that this also now influences ground texture painting in addition to the standard terrain brushes (e.g. 'Height Up' and 'Height Down')
* Grade (%) - for setting spline gradient and ground gradient
* Angle (degrees) - used when painting a grade
* Rotation (degrees) - used to rotate ground textures and Scrapbook data
* Scale (%) - used to scale ground textures and Scrapbook data
* Intensity (%) - used for effect layer intensity
* Condition (%) - used for setting track condition
* Brush Shape Menu - used for Scrapbook painting

Options will highlight when relevant to the tool or asset category. Values may be applied using a tool or contextual menu.
More detailed information about the Tool Palette options are provided in each of the various tool and contextual menu sections.
Example - Set Height
To use the Brush Tool like the Topology Height Up tool in Surveyor Classic:

* Select the Brush Tool in the Tool Palette
* Choose Ground in the Brush Target
* Choose Set Height as the Brush Mode
* Change the Height in the Tool Options Palette to any value
* Paint the Ground at that height set

Note that you can also use the Marquee Tool Contextual Menu to apply the height to the current selection area.
The Tool Options Palette shows which elements are active by highlighting their icons yellow. This will change depending on which Tool you have selected.