New "Operations" UI
In addition to the new TLR systems, we've begun a major update of the User Interface. Initially, this is focussed upon the “Properties” and “View Details” dialogs.
New User Interface Windows
Updates in the initial stage include the following.
Driver Control Center
Minor updates to the user interface providing access to new dialogs. This window can now also be opened and edited in S20 (not in Classic).
Driver Details
A new window providing detailed information on the Driver, Train, current Driver Commands, Pause/Resume controls and more.
Driver mini-Map
This mini map focuses on the currently selected loco and shows a limited set of the most important information making for easier understanding of the location of your train in the world.
View AI Train Path
When the Driver Details window is open, the current path for any AI loco shows in the 3D world and mini-map.
Focus Camera on Object Icon
We’ve made it easy to jump immediately to any relevant object such as the Driver, Loco, Industry or Junction, from any of the Operations Dialogs by clicking on the "Camera" icon at the top left of the Driver Details window.
Train Details
View Train details including any allocated driver, track priority, consist weight and length and current dispatch status
Industry Details
This a completely restyled UI shows current commodity levels and processes. Click on Enable Editing to make on-the-fly adjustments while in Driver mode. (For modified sessions only. Built-in sessions do not allow editing).
Activity Logs
This is an entirely new, purpose-built, logging system providing detailed information about every aspect of your railroad operations.
The logs provide player-readable information, avoiding the inclusion of unreadable or spammy debug output

Each of the new UIs shows a time-stamped list of all activities that are related to the currently viewed item.
30-NOV-2022 17:40:25, "Dispatched JR Justin to deliver Steelcoil 1x2m to MISO58 TRACTION S.A"
30-NOV-2022 17:40:25, "Driver JR Justin began execution of 'Navigate To' command"
30-NOV-2022 17:51:23, "Driver JR Justin began execution of 'Unload' command"
30-NOV-2022 17:51:44, "JR Justin completed Steelcoil 1x2m delivery to MISO58 TRACTION S.A"

Logs can be filtered, searched, and even copied to your clipboard.