Surveyor Shortcuts
Surveyor 2.0 introduces a number of new keyboard shortcuts and mouse options that make things quicker and easier when creating your route or session.
We suggest you try each of these out as you read to get a feel for the different options available to you.
Tools Palette Hotkeys
There are 6 tools in the Tools Palette and each of these is mapped to a key.
How to be creative
To make things easy to remember, imagine the layout on your keyboard matches the layout on the Tools Palette.
Other Shortcuts
Click to place
This shortcut is similar to placement Surveyor Classic. Select an asset from the Assets Palette, then click on the ground to place it.

In S20, the item appears as soon as you click (in Surveyor Classic is appeared when releasing the mouse button).
Click + Hold + Drag to place
Select an Asset, click on the ground and hold the mouse button. You can now drag the object around to exactly the right spot before releasing the mouse button to place it.
Shift-click to Multi-select
Select the Free Move or Fine Adjustment Tools, hold <kbd>Shift</kbd> and click on multiple items to add to your selection. <kbd>Shift-click</kbd> again on a selected object to deselect it.
Ctrl-click + Drag to Clone
Hold <kbd>Ctrl</kbd> and click on an object while moving the mouse or drag one of its anchors. This operation will drag a cloned copy of the object away from the original. Release the mouse button to place the clone.
Double Click
Double click on an object to select all instances of that object nearby.
Double click on any car in a train and all cars in that train are selected.
Alt-mouseover to Identify
Hold <kbd>Alt</kbd> to temporarily activate the Eyedropper Tool. The originally active tool will return when <kbd>Alt</kbd> is released.
Alt-click to Pick
As above, but hold <kbd>Alt</kbd> and click on an object. The Eyedropper Tool is selected, and the asset is selected in the Assets Palette. Releasing <kbd>Alt</kbd> will auto-select the Placement Tool
<kbd>Alt</kbd> and click on the ground will enter the terrain height into the Tool Options > Height field. This can then be used for Set Height operations with various brushes.
Click and Drag
Like the Area Select in Surveyor Classic, with the [Free Move Tool](/v1/docs/using-the-tools-palette#free-move-tool) selected, click on the ground (away from any objects) then drag to create a rectangular selection box. This is equivalent to using the [Marquee Tool](/v1/docs/using-the-tools-palette#marquee-tool).
Double-click on Title Bar to Collapse
Double-click on any Palette Title Bar (while it is in the docked position) to collapse the Palette to just show the Title Bar. Double-click again to resize it.
Click and drag on Up/Down Arrows
Click and drag vertically on the up/down arrows in any Active Field in the [Tool Options Palette](/v1/docs/using-the-tool-options-palette) to adjust the value.
Active values are indicated with a yellow highlight, and are determined by which tool is currently active.