Making a Forest
If you're an experienced Trainz Surveyor user, you've probably already skilled in using copy and paste and our Random Scenery tools to make forests. Surveyor 2.0 provides a new range of tools to make the job even quicker and easier.
Painting with a rectangular scrapbook brush.
Making a Forest Using Scrapbook
By far the easiest way to make a forest in S20 is to use an existing Scrapbbook asset.

* Click on the Presets Category in the Asset Palette and type in "forest" and you'll see a number of prefab items listed.
* Select one of the assets, choose your brush shape in the Tool Options, and set your brush size to 50m (to begin with)
* Adjust the Scrapbook Filters to determine whether you also want to paint height, textures, spines etc.
* Click where you want your forest to appear.
* Review the outcome and make changes to your filter options, your brush shape and/or your brush size.
With Scrapbook > Brush selected, making the brush twice the size will spread the objects out much further apart.

With Scrapbook > Clone selected, making the brush twice the size will repeat more clones of the original asset and maintain the original distancing between objects.
Making a Forest Using Copy and Paste
These simple steps will show how quickly you can select, place, duplicate, move and replace Assets as well as using the Contextual Menu to help create a dense forest in minutes.

1. Create a new route and switch to S20 Mode in the Tool Menu
2. Click on the Scenery Objects icon in the Asset Palette
3. Type "Tree Pine" in the Search field
4. Select a tree and start clicking in the world
5. After placing a few trees, switch to the Selection/Move Tool
6. Double click to select all the trees placed (or click on one tree and drag your mouse over other trees to select one at a time)
7. Hit Ctrl-C then Ctrl-V to copy/paste a new group of trees
8. Grab the "Main" Anchor Point and drag to move all 100 trees in any direction, and any distance.
9. R-click to move to a new area and use Ctrl-V to paste the forest to the new location.
10. Move a little further away then hit Ctrl-V again
11. Switch to the Rotate Tool and grab the vertical Anchor point.
12. Drag to raise all the trees
13. Hit Ctrl-V a few times to paste more and more trees, then switch to the Marquee Tool
14. Hit the Delete key (and all your trees have gone)
15. Hit Ctrl-Z to Undo the deletion action
16. Grab the Z (up/down) Anchor Point on the Asset Anchor (The one attached to the tree not the Marquee Anchor) and raise the trees 20m higher.
17. Click on the Contextual Menu "Gear" icon and choose "Smooth Ground Under Selected" from the list of operations
18. The ground will rise to settle all the trees on the ground.
19. Select a different tree in the Asset Palette then use the Marquee Tool to select a few trees
20. Use the Contextual Menu > Replace with Selected Asset to replace those selected trees with a different tree