Palette Updates
The following are new palette options available in Trainz Plus as of the July 2023 update.
Info Palette Updates
Previously to rename an item you had to open the Properties window. Now you can name or rename an item simply by selecting it and updating the name field in the Info Palette.
Place a "Surveyor Only" item such as <kuid2:661281:96069:1> "Surveyor Only Object Indicator (Red 1m Cube)" then name it and use Ctrl-F to find your bookmarks. Use the format "Bx - Description" to make it easier to figure out which bookmark you are looking for.
Logs Palette
The new S20 Log palette provides a list of developer log messages and allows searching the log text.
Activity Logs
We're also expanding the capabilities of the log system including:
* Support for custom 'metadata' tagging, allowing a log message to reference multiple world objects (trains, industries, etc), players, assets, simple keywords, etc
* UI context menus driven by the log metadata (e.g. right-click a log to open a player chat, view a relevant object, etc).
* Full localisation support, including over MPS, where the player can search server-stored logs in their native language
* A brand new script UI to add activity logs, including the ability to define custom metadata objects
Driver Palette
The "Driver Control" UI is now available in S2.0. This currently allows you to set driver assignments, move drivers, and focus on specific trains.