Introducing Palettes
Surveyor 2.0 introduces a new system of Palettes that can each be moved, resized, minimised, shown, or hidden, so you can customize the layout of your workspace.
Palettes can provide detailed information about your selected objects, or a set of controls used to edit and manipulate everything within the world.
Surveyor Classic used a system of Tool Tabs based upon Asset Categories. Tools applied only to a specific object type, and you had to switch between Tool Tabs to work with different object types.

S20 brings everything you need into a convenient set of movable, resizable Palettes. Each one can handle objects of any type, and most have universal functionality across all object types.
Moving Palettes
To move a Palette, click and drag on the Title Bar of that Palette.

Drag the Title Bar above another Title Bar and release to drop the Palette into a new "slot".

Resizing Palettes
Hover your mouse over the edge of a Palette, and the cursor changes to a double-ended arrow. Drag up or down, left or right to resize.

Hover your mouse over the corner of a Palette and drag diagonally to change width and height at the same time.
Minimizing/Maximising Palettes
When a Palette is undocked, it can be minimized.

Click on the '-' in the Title Bar to minimize any Palette. This hides the Pallete from view and places it in a list in the Window Menu on the top Menu Bar.

To reopen a minimized Palette, open the Window Menu and click on the required Palette listed at the bottom of the list.
Undocking Palettes
Palettes can be "docked" to a Tray at either side of the screen, or moved into the work area.

Drag a Palette's Title Bar away from the Tray and release to undock. While undocked, the Palette can also be made wider.
Hiding/Showing Palettes
Click on the Window Menu in the Menu Bar, then click on any Palette to toggle that Palette's visibility.
Other Palette Functionality
Dropdown Lists
Dropdown lists are indicated by a white box with Up and Down Arrows.
Adjustable Values
Values can be adjusted by clicking in the box and typing a new value, or by dragging the mouse up or down over the Up/Down Arrows.
Disclosure Triangles
Click on an Disclosure Triangle to expand any hidden options or information. Click again to hide the information.
Contextual Menu
Some Palettes may also have Contextual Menus, such as the Info Palette. Select an object then click on the Down Arrow to open the Contextual Menu.