Introducing Navigation
Being able to move around the world and create your routes both up close and from miles away is a vital part of the Surveyor experience.
If you're an experienced Trainz user, then you will already be familiar with our camera control system. In recent updates, we've added several new camera modes, plus a new 'Focus on Selection' command.

If you're new to Trainz, we suggest reading this section and testing the movement systems out as you go along.
The Compass
Your compass is the focus of your camera (i.e. your viewpoint in the world). To move the compass, right-click in the world.

Clicking near the center of the screen will move you a short distance, while clicking toward the edge of the screen will move you further at a much faster speed.

To move in a straight line, click along the center axis of the screen.

Your compass will fade out after you have stopped moving, and will appear again when you next right-click on the ground.
The Compass can be moved continuously by holding right-click. Your speed and direction is determined by the distance of your mouse cursor from the center of the screen. You can also use your arrow keys to rotate the camera while moving the compass.
Moving the Camera
The mouse scroll wheel can be used to zoom the camera in and out.
In addition to moving your camera with the mouse, the Arrow Keys can be used to rotate or tilt the camera.

* Tilt - Up/Down arrows
* Pan - Left/Right arrows
* Zoom - Mousewheel
How to be creative
Some camera modes have slightly different controls for navigation. Refer to each of the modes below for more detail.
Using Different Camera Modes
There are many different camera options listed under the Camera Menu, and each serves a specific purpose.
'Cab' Camera
Cab mode is now available in both Surveyor and Driver modes. Selecting cab mode while in Surveyor Mode will place your camera inside the nearest locomotive's cab. If no locomotive is nearby, a message will show informing you that the camera mode could not be changed.
'Chase' Camera
Chase view, also known as External view, attaches your camera to a locomotive. As with Cab mode, it requires a locomotive to be present to work.
'Lineside' Camera
Lineside Cameras, also called Trackside Cameras, are a special type of object appearing as cameras within the world. In the Lineside view, focus will automatically switch to the nearest Lineside Camera object as your train moves along the track.

There are two types of Lineside Camera - Tracking and Static. The type of camera is chosen when placing it in the world. Tracking cameras will re-orient the view to follow the train as it moves, while Static cameras will focus on a pre-defined spot and do not follow the train.
To place cameras in S20, search for Trackside Camera in the Assets Palette, then place and move the camera like any other scenery object.
'Roaming' Camera
Roaming camera allows free movement within the world, as described by the [Compass](#the-compass) section above.
'Car' Camera
If Carz (moving road vehicles) are enabled in the route, the Car camera mode can be used by clicking on any car to hitch a ride.

To enable Carz, edit the route to use a Region asset that supports traffic.
If Surveyor is Paused, traffic will not operate.
'Walk' Camera
Walk mode places your camera approximately 6 feet off the ground. Use the arrow keys to walk around, and move your mouse while holding right click to change direction.
Walk mode can be quickly entered from free roaming mode by fully zooming in. Zoom out again to exit back into free roaming mode.
'Fly' Camera
The Fly camera mode permits unrestricted camera movement. The up and down arrow keys can be used to move forward and backward respectively in the direction of your view. Use the left and right arrow keys to move your camera left and right.
The camera direction can be changed by holding right click and moving your mouse.
Hold <kbd>Ctrl</kbd> while moving to fly faster.
'Drone' Camera
Similar to Fly mode, but Drone allows for vertical ascent and descent with the <kbd>Pg Up</kbd> and <kbd>Pg Dn</kbd> keys.
Unlike the Fly camera, the Drone camera will follow the currently active locomotive.
'Map' Camera
Clicking on the Map menu option transports you instantly to satellite view. Choose another Camera option to transport back again.
'Focus on Selection' command
With one or more items selected, "Focus on Selection" will move your compass to see all of your selected objects.