Using this Manual
This online manual provides a variety of ways to discover how to use the new Surveyor 2.0 (S20) tools.
Down the left hand margin is a list of chapters that each provide information on how to use S20.

The first few chapters give an overview and explain the basics, then the "Introducing..." chapters outline the new features and systems.

The "Using Surveyor 2.0" chapters go into more detail and explain the functionality of each of the new Palettes.

And then the "Tutorial..." chapters give a more step by step approach to teach you how to complete various tasks.

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Searching for Answers?
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Type a few key words in the Search field such as "laying track" or "finding an object". A list of articles that feature those words will be shown.

On the right hand side is a Table of Contents for the currently selected Chapter, and at the bottom of each page are links to similar topics.
Discover the new terminology that comes with S20:

* Anchor - a 2D display shown on top of your selection that can be used to manipulate the selected objects and/or terrain
* Anchor Handle - The Anchor provides location and rotation handles that can be dragged to move a selection freely or along a specific axis
* Brush Tool - Used to adjust Ground Height or to paint Ground Textures, Scrapbook Data or Effect Layers
* Tool Options Palette - This Palette provides tool-specific options such as fixed height, radius, sensitivity, track condition, and more
* Contextual Menu - A menu that gives context-specific options depending on what is currently selected
* Marquee Tool - an area selection tool that selects objects, terrain and other Ground Data layers
* Menu Bar - The bar that appears at the top of the screen with various game-related options
* Title Bar - The header bar of any Palette, containing the name of the Palette, the minimize and close buttons if it is undocked, and potentially other information
* Palette - A panel with various tools, information, and options (equivalent to Surveyor Classic's "Tool Tabs")
* Shortcuts - keyboard shortcuts that carry out an action without requiring mouse input or UI interaction
When reading this manual, we suggest you try out each new tool or function as you read about them. Practice makes perfect!