Using the Info Palette
The Info Palette provides a range of information depending on which objects are selected.
Surveyor Classic offered several debug options in the settings to display camera location, Asset KUID, etc.

In S20, the 'Info Palette' provides this information and more, including camera and object location, a list of the selected objects, and layer information.
This shows the position of the compass / camera focus. X, Y, Z Co-ordinates in meters.
Click and drag your mouse over the up/down arrows to adjust the X, Y or Z values, or enter a value in the field for mm accurate precision.
(Feature included in Trainz Plus HD update).

Simply select an item and add or rename in the Info "Name" field.
Place a "Surveyor Only" item such as <kuid2:661281:1:96069> "Surveyor Only Object Indicator (Red 1m Cube)" then name it and use Ctrl-F to find your bookmarks. Use the format "Bx - Description" to make it easier to figure out which bookmark you are looking for.
Pos (Object Info)
This shows the position of the selected object. X, Y, Z Co-ordinates in meters.
If more than one item is selected, the position is shown for the item with the gizmo attached.
* Position (X,Y,Z co-ordinates)
* Rotation
* [Layer](/v1/docs/using-the-layers-palette)
Enter new values in any of the fields (or click and drag your mouse up or down over the arrows) to move the selected object to a new location, new height, or to rotate to a new orientation.
Use Height for Brush
Click the Down Arrow next the Z field to open the Contextual Menu. Click on 'Use Height for Brush' to copy the current Focus Z Height value into the Height field of the Tool Options Palette. This allows you to then switch to the Brush Tool and paint to match your compass height with the value already entered.
A quicker way to enter the current height into the Tool Options is to simply Alt-click on the terrain. The height at the point you click is automatically entered into the Height field.
Selected Object Contextual Menu
Selected Object Contextual Menu
Click on the down arrow to open the Contextual Menu. This menu allows for a range of actions to be performed based upon the object selected.

Show Asset Details
Opens the Asset Details window (same window as shown in Content Manager).

List Assets in New Window
Opens a new Content Manager window listing all the selected assets.

Add to Picklist
Adds the selected Asset(s) to a Picklist.

Remove from Picklist
Removes the selected Asset(s) from a Picklist.

Select in Assets Palette
Highlights the Selected Asset in the Asset Palette.