TLR Beta Test
Trainz Plus users can now access beta versions of Trainz Living Railroad, including the Automatic Scheduler, and all the main features expected for the Phase 1 release.
Future updates will include additional features such as a player task claiming, improved logging.
Known Issues
* Dispatch tasks are currently limited to basic Freight Operations.
* Any Industries and Trains that use passengers will be completely ignored by Dispatch.
* Dispatch control currently has no concept of whether a train will "fit" in the industry destination (so the player currently needs to resolve loading/unload for long trains, or cutting up trains and pushing cars into industries etc).
* * When Track Path Display overlaps, only one is shown in the Map View.
* AI Drivers may get stuck and "fight" over junctions. It is currently up to the player to prevent trains competing for the same track segment. (e.g. by using “Pause” and “Resume”).
* AI improvements are scheduled for a future update.
* Debug logging is enabled. This is a w.i.p. feature.
Disable "debug" activity logging by clicking on the grey filter button.